How To Get Started

Built for investors, by traders.

The Meridian Assets platform was designed for investors looking to invest using cryptocurrencies to venture into various markets but have no trading skills or the time to research the market. Our professional traders work diligently to identify and take advantage of potentially lucrative pairs with a low risk profile to maximise returns while safeguarding funds.

The steps below illustrate how the platform works:


Acquire Bitcoin

Investors can acquire cryptocurrencies from an exchange of their choice.


Create your Meridian Assets account

Fill in your the required information on the registration page, confirm the information inputted then submit.


Choose an investment plan

When it comes to investing, there is no such thing as one-size-fits all. You deserve to be treated as an individual. You deserve choices. Choose from our well tailored and personalized plans which were created just for you.



Initiate a contract by investing within the range of a selected plans

Join Meridian Assets, it's a platform where the best traders come together to analyse the market, and make the best trades for you.