Oil & Gas Investment

At Meridian Assets, We a great investment opportunity in Oil & Gas.

Although some companies specialize in one aspect of the oil and gas industry, integrated companies are involved in multiple steps. An integrated oil company, for example, might operate its own wells, have a fleet of tankers that can move the oil from wells to a refinery, and own a refinery that turns oil into gasoline. Integrated companies have the potential for higher profits because they control every aspect of the supply chain. That lets them keep raw material costs lower because they don’t have to earn a profit at each step of the process. .

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Oil & Gas Investments

Historically, oil and gas companies have provided useful diversification in an investor’s portfolio. Because oil and gas are essential parts of the economy and especially transportation, rising gas prices often weaken other sectors of the economy. Exposure to oil can provide a hedge against falling prices in other companies’ shares. Our company give investors some amount of exposure to the oil industry, but we often produce products for many types of businesses, which means we have other, unrelated benefits. Our Oil service company don’t have direct involvement in the oil supply chain. Instead, we supply the companies that are involved in oil production and refinement to drip, supply and refine bringing a better return on investment.

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